GATE Paper structure

Most of us have heard statements frequently like”This year GATE  paper was tougher/easier than any previous particular year”. What do they actually mean by saying this?
Well actually papers of GATE maintains some special structure/class of problems as follows:

Class_A : Which contains easier , theory based problems which can be marked instantly or numerical problems (which can be solved within 40 to 60 seconds ).

Class_B : This class contains some standard cum average technical problems which is meant to test mental ability of candidates. Problems from this class normally consume 60 to 120 seconds..although its generic and may vary in particular.

Class_C : This class contains real metal of GATE. This part is normally contained with problems which if tried to be solved would probably take at least 10-15 minutes , at the best of some well prepared candidate….or normally these would seem insolvable in the standard duration of Paper.

Now we are able to get the real definition of tough, medium  and easy paper . So here it goes:

EASY PAPER : This kind of Paper contains following configuration of questions in it.

Class_A :  60%
Class_B :  30%
Class_C :  10%

AVERAGE PAPER : This kind of Paper contains following configuration of questions in it.

Class_A :  50%
Class_B :  30%
Class_C :  20%

TOUGH PAPER : This kind of Paper contains following configuration of questions in it.

Class_A :  40%
Class_B :  30%
Class_C :  30%

As we can see, the toughest class of GATE paper contains only 30% really tough questions…It means even an average guy can also score at least 70% of the paper correct.

Here comes the reaction from your side : “Are you kidding? If that were the truth,then why most of candidates could not even clear the cutoff ?  ”

Yes it is true that most of the aspirants couldn’t even secure a 3 or  4 digit rank. But what is the reason behind that.Well, here it is.

The Two Problems:

Problem 1.  Any candidate while writing paper in exam hall feels quite nervous . It is the feeling which transfers the control of his brain to his subconscious mind, and this prevents the candidate from applying his natural talent. In this situation only those candidates who have very clear fundamentals of subjects find themselves able to secure a satisfiable score.

Problem 2. Apart from this technicality there is a very common tendency in candidates.They do not try to differentiate between solvable and non-solvable problems before attempting a question. Instead , they simply attack on paper and try each question.  But one thing to be noted down is that “Not all questions are meant to be solved in GATE “.
Instead GATE exam tests the candidates under this criteria ->
” Do you have a common understanding of solvable and non-solvable problems ? Can you select a set of problems  for you which you can solve with all your best?

Note: The definition of solvable and non-solvable problems may vary as per understanding of individuals .


How to Overcome with these problems?

Solution 1:  Do not try to read whole subject at once. Instead study each topic/subtopic with enough time and imagination. Do some small research over it. That is how you can command your subconscious mind ,indirectly telling it to map each topic inside memory well. This would in turn help you while you are writing GATE or any other exam even under pressure.

Solution 2 : After you have enough achieved understanding of subjects it would not be a tough job for you to differentiate between solvable and non-solvable problems for you.Do not stuck on a tough problem, look around, you might get some very easy problems than this one.Remember , You are not supposed to fight against GATE, instead you have to utilize it well enough for achieving the goal of your life.

Following these strategies you can become quite confident and may appear in exam with less pressure which could surely enable you to apply your actual knowledge.

It is not only a competition of knowledge , it needs some common sense  too


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