State of Mind

??????????????????While you are preparing for GATE each and every day matters. You need to utilize every hour.
Studies at home, coaching classes, test series, group studies and many more, there are many ways to study.
While preparation goes on, there may be many occasions when you loose your faith in yourself. The feeling , “I can not make it” , tries to dominate your whole day and weakens your concentration while studying. This in turn affects your efficiency of effective study.
This may extend over a week too sometimes. When you face result of some short term test , which could not match your expectations , you may fall in deep depression of hollowness.
The person studying at home suffers most from this problem .
There may be situations when you might feel that you have chosen the wrong stream and perhaps some other branch would have been better for you and  your future .

If not all then some of these feelings wave up inside every candidate preparing for GATE (or any other exam..).

Most of the candidates do not even recognize this problem and appear in exam with this feeling . The person with this mindset appearing in exam can not convert his/her natural intelligence into some good score…since score is all which matters.

What is the solution then??

Well there is a proverb…”Where there is will , there is a way”…
and in this case “the way” lies beneath yourself only.

Since you are facing this problem either  because you could not meet with your expectations or because you are not able to grasp concepts well enough and hence loosing your faith in you , you need to have some experiments with you.

Try following approaches :

1. First read theory portion completely. If you are not able to understand its meaning in first attempt, go for second ,third or even fourth attempt. Try to visualize the whole concept as an object in real life,this will map it to your brain for ever.  If even then you are not feeling comfortable with that topic , do not hesitate to look for some friend’s/expert’s help.  Leaving the topic is not going to help and actually it will start an avalanche of topics which you will be leaving in further readings.
When you have got the problematic topic cleared you might feel that this topic troubled you because you have not seen every aspect of that particular topic. So read thoroughly. This may take time, but go through this way for better results.

2. After having most of the major topics cleared practice problems  as much as you can . The more you will solve different types of problems the more you will get the visualization of that topic. Whenever you get trapped in some problem follow some scientific approach instead of brute-force attempts.The scientific approach may involve steps like , first understand what is provided, and what is to be found out. Second try to observe what is causing problem to you ,the root of the problem may be either the misinterpretation of problem statement , the lack of knowledge of that topic ,calculation mistake or anything else. In this generic way you will be able to solve any problem..even quite complicated problems too.

3. Feel the energy coming into you . Following the above two simple steps will enable you to feel happier,stronger. Do not let this feeling drain out . Keep reading, keep practicing , these are the only fuel for  these feelings.

There is a lot of pain in this world. Not a single person is completely happy , nor a single person is completely sad.

Even a completely paralyzed person can feel the strength within him ,which let  him fight for his life.

We all are always grabbed with the blessings of our parents,our siblings , even of strangers sometimes. Why to let all these energies be wasted in such negative feelings. We all are completely empowered with all necessary assets . We are supposed to use them all to their extreme.

Break all your virtual limits made by yourself and become the owner of unlimited energy hidden within you.
Once you have realized the extensions of all your limits , you will come to know the fact that there is no limit.

Confusion, tension, weakness all these are simply states of mind. If you try regularly to control your mind,by simply asking yourself a question on each situation of confusion, “What should be the right path to move on for this moment?” and have enough guts to really move on that path with complete confidence ,you will be able to smile even in the worst situations of your life.

I hope you all may feel the positivity spread around us all the time.

God bless you.